Be Inspired by our Volunteers

Action West London (AWL) would like to say a big THANK YOU to all our volunteers and interns who have contributed and supported the charity.

Volunteers and interns assist the charity in many ways — from helping local, unemployed people through the various tasks of getting a job and assisting with job applications, to supporting young people, to helping with social media and fundraising.

In return, AWL aims to give its Volunteers and Interns the wide range of  experience  and learning opportunities they are looking for.


Our interns and volunteers talk about their experience with AWL:


Olivia volunteered with AWL for 4 months and 13 days and got involved with the Work Programme project.  She helped the advisors with clients; Duties she undertook was updating the client’s CVs, helping clients with filling  job application forms and one-to-one talk with clients discussing their job objectives.  She also helped with the admin side of the project.  Now she is working as a career advisor for young people, working with Pre Neet and Target Neets, 16-24 olds.

"I absolutely loved volunteering for Action West London. You were all very welcoming and friendly and the training was so useful. It helped me a lot with my course and with getting the job I have now! I would recommend it to anyone. One thing that may be worth increasing is the opportunities to volunteers, less admin more careers advisor shadowing and work. Still absolutely loved it and miss the team."



Kiernan Perrotti, Marketing Intern, is here at AWL for 7 weeks working on the Action Recruitment and Acton Market project. Kiernan is currently studying Applied Legal studies and Political Theory at Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts:

"I got very excited when I learned about this opportunity because I would finally get the opportunity to work for something that I was passionate about.  I have previously had experiences working for law offices or political parties, but nothing seemed to really match or give me the opportunities that I was looking for to assist in the community.  Now, even though I have just started my internship, I know that this has shaped my future as I now know that I want to work with similar projects in my future career path.”




Aruna Mohan (pictured below), Information, Advice & Guidance and Communications Intern, is here at AWL for 6 months working on various projects including the Work Programme and Motivation Works. She is also setting up communications for AWL. Aruna is currently finishing a Graduate Diploma in Law at BPP Law School in London:

“I wanted to gain experience within the charity sector and really expand my horizon on what really interested me, in particular, helping out local communities. I really think AWL’s mission of assisting people not just back into employment but also to education or setting up their own social enterprises through the Acton Market project is a wonderful way to reach out to the community and make sure everyone gets a chance and a say. Having been here for the last 2 months has taught me so much not just about small charities but also about a world of communications through social media and guidance really can affect change.”


Local Volunteer, Florence Masson (pictured below) has previously worked in the recruitment sector for international companies in retail, hospitality and entertainment in France and UK:

“I chose to volunteer for AWL because I wanted to participate to help unemployed Individuals living in West London to find sustainable employment with the work program. It is a fantastic opportunity to work with a dedicated team and to assist people in the community. I have also previously worked in the recruitment industry which I enjoy.”


Local Volunteer, Jatinder (pictured below) has been volunteering for Action West London since February 2016:

“I chose AWL as I always wanted to Volunteer with vulnerable people, help people in my local community and make a difference. I moved to London in November 2015 and previously worked in the Private Sector for the Manufacturing Industry. Volunteering for a Charity has given me a new approach, I have gained new and valuable skills. From my past work experience; it has given me transferable skills which have been utilised by The Motivational Works programme.”


AWL volunteers


A student from the Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College chose Action West London to do a one week work experience to learn more about the not-for-profit and charity sector.

Below is a letter that was written by this student to Action West London about the time that was spent here:

“Thank you for allowing me to spend a week at Action West London in June 2016. I enjoyed working in Unit 8 and (Work Programme and FSF Motivation Works) with Anne, Phillip, Fotios, Kurshed, Oudu and Huda.

I found it really useful to be in a real workplace; the most important thing I learnt was that people need to get to work in order to reduce taxes. This will help me prepare for the world of work by helping improve in my leadership and using the knowledge & skills used as an advantage in my future career. The Placement also helped me to realise that I have good skills in IT, enthusiasm & initiative, time management & organisation and integrity. However, I can do more to develop my skills in communication & being further involved in teamwork.

Thank you for taking the time to organise my placement, accepting me in Action West London and making me feel part of the team despite being there only for one week.”


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