Ready4Success- make this your own success story!


Monday, April 3, 2017

Ready4Success is a FREE, new & stimulating five day programme created by BTEG to encourage unemployed young people aged 18-30 to develop the mind-set and acquire the tools they need to achieve positive job outcomes.


          Who is it aimed at?

       This programme is aimed at those aged 18-30 and living in London.  They can be:


                     -Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET);

                     -Working part-time and unable to progress up the career ladder;

                     -Recent graduates struggling to find employment;

                         -A young person who has recently dropped out of college;


       What will the programme cover?

   An interactive learning approach takes participants through five practical zones:

             All about: You –  Understand your skills put into ‘CV language’

             All about: The Brand – How to market your skills via social media

                         All about: Money –Understand costs and how to manage your finances

             All about: Dealing with People -  How to communicate effectively with colleagues/customers

            All about: The Sell – Having the mindset to move forward in a positive way


     What’s in it for young people?

 -Employers will have input into the programme including conducting mock interviews and providing feedback

-An honest appraisal of your CV/cover letter to ensure you’re submitting high quality job applications

 -To better understand the skills and aptitudes that employers want to see in applicants/employees and why

-Develop the skills valued by employers such as teamwork, communication, project management, leadership, customer services, time management and working under pressure

-Increase your networks (in person and via LinkedIn) to increase job opportunities 


            Contact  :, Tel. 0208 735 4760, and join the programme! 

Our funders include: