Impact Management Programme

The programme is funded by Social Investment Business and aims to develop an impact management system to increase the ability to drive outcomes and to meet the needs of investors and/or commissioners. The key focus is to collect data and analyse the effectiveness of the many programmes run by Action West London to increase social impact and diversify income.

Action West London has partnered up with Aleron to create a customer relations management system that can be used to measure the social impact of all the programmes.

The aims of Growth strand of the Impact Management Programme are;

  • All the participating ventures develop their understanding of effective impact in organisations, and share experiences and learning with peer organisations
  • Several participants design a project and secure grant-funding to develop this to improve their impact management systems
  • Grant funding improves their impact management capabilities
  • Participants either successfully raise investment/secure a contract, feel they are better able to in the future, or understand why they have been unable to.

To find out more, please contact:

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John Blackmore


0208 993 9605




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